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SANUSPLANET is an initiative of SANUSLIFE INTERNATIONAL, to protect animals, plants and people around the world who are living or in need. It is about protecting the environment. About our planet. About us. We take our responsibility seriously and want to do everything we can to protect this world

For this purpose, we will establish the SANUSPLANET Foundation in 2021 and its organizational leadership will be taken over by environmental activist and marine conservationist Magdalena Gschnitzer.

Her greatest concern is to raise awareness about the protection of the environment in a broad sense and on an international level. In addition, Magdalena will establish and further develop contacts with various environmental organizations around the world. This will help us identify urgent projects that need financial support. The SANUSPLANET Foundation is committed to ensuring that donations reach the organizations directly and, after deduction of expenses, are used entirely for the realization of the projects

Our goal is to raise

100 million euros

for the SANUSPLANET Pool by 2025.

The following counter shows the total amount that has been generated for all charity and environmental protection projects to date. Numerous projects have already been carried out with these funds. More are constantly being selected and presented on our pages. With your help, this number will grow and grow. With your help we fill the Pool. With your help we can help.

Revenue in EUR

Here you can see an overview of the projects that have already been successfully implemented.

About one fifth of the population in Ethiopia lives in urban areas, while the majority (85%!) living in extreme poverty in rural areas. With the wells we have built, we give about 4,350 poor people in Ethiopia direct access to drinking water. In addition, there are many indirect beneficiaries in the immediate vicinity.

Ethiopia was affected by about 20 years of civil war, which destroyed almost the entire infrastructure and resulted in a severe economic and social crisis. This led to the impoverishment of the population, with the education system’s infrastructure also being poor. The schools, equipped with benches, chairs, blackboards, etc. as well as sanitary facilities with rainwater collection systems, offer about 700 children the opportunity to receive an education and build a future for themselves.

Trees filter the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Through photosynthesis, they convert it into vital oxygen and keep the air clean. A tree binds at least 200 kg CO2 in its lifetime. With our contribution, the “tree counter” jumps to 3,000 trees. This will fund the restoration of about 3 hectares of degraded forest and release 600,000 kg CO2.

Trillion Tree Campaign

We contribute to the project “One Million Children and Young Adults as Climate Ambassadors”, who are connected in a global network. Together with children around the world, the community works to protect and restore ecosystems. Almost 90,000 children in 74 countries around the world are already part of the network of climate justice ambassadors.

A single oil leak caused an oil spill the size of 15,800 oil drums, directly affecting two Amazon rivers and 105 indigenous communities. In order for these incidents to be prosecuted, we contribute to the funding of a legal counsel for the organization. It will be used to sue for damages for those affected and to put pressure on the oil drilling companies, which will hopefully prevent such accidents in the future. This legal aid costs about 500 US$ per month.

Over 100 million sharks are killed every year, often just for their fins. Madison has launched Project HIU in an Indonesian fishing village to offer fishermen an alternative to destructive shark fishing through ecotourism. With our contribution, we are supporting Madison in providing an entire village with the opportunity to earn income through tourism instead of fishing. Specifically, we support waste management, educational programs, boat renovation, clean water and hygiene resources, materials for English classes in the island's school and jobs for the female population.

A big goal. How is that possible?

Through a large Community that joins our international initiative. There are over 7.8 billion people in the world. Everyone wants to live in an intact environment. No one wants to miss out on the beauty of this wonderful planet. The sooner we realize that we are part of this world and that everything we do every day has consequences, the more we want to make a positive contribution. The more we join in, the faster we will reach the goal together.